Fillings are commonly necessary due to decayed, broken or worn teeth. When placing a filling we usually chose between silver or tooth-colored fillings.

Composite - Composite (tooth-colored) fillings are an excellent treatment option. They blend in seamlessly and actually create a physical and chemical “bond” to the tooth.  Occasionally, the tooth cannot be kept dry enough (such as in young children) to place a tooth-colored filling or too much tooth structure is missing and a silver filling is necessary.

Silver - Silver fillings still have a place in dentistry. They are very durable, long-lasting restorations. Silver fillings are sometimes necessary when doing large fillings where a crown is not feasible or where moisture is an issue such as at or below the gumline. Because of the silver appearance of these fillings they can sometimes leave the teeth looking discolored. There has also been much concern recently in the media about the mercury contained in silver fillings. While they do have mercury in them, continued research by the FDA, ADA and CDC have confirmed that silver fillings are safe and effective.

Filling replacement - Silver fillings can be replaced by tooth-colored fillings. This can be done if there is recurring decay under an old filling or it can be done electively for esthetic reasons.

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